What's The Best Haircut for my Hair type?

Are you looking for a hair stylist who appreciates your hair and understands how to work with your natural texture? Do you have dense curls in one area and wavy hair in another? Don’t worry. I got you. I offer Deva Curl Haircuts because I love working with multi-textured hair. A Deva Curl Haircut is a dry haircut that is designed to work with your natural hair texture and density. My Deva Curl Haircuts are designed and structured to respond to your unique density and texture (however irregular) - so that all your hair sits beautifully together when air dried or gently diffused. My Deva Curl Haircut will give you a beautiful silhouette with well defined curls that will be easy to style and last for months. What are you waiting for? Book your Deva Curl Haircut today.

Why I’m Obsessed With Hair


Our hair makes a first impression when we enter a room and the lasting impression when we exit. Our hair is a living, growing, dynamic accessory that accompanies us wherever we go.

I believe that a haircut is the primary beautification tool that we have to look our very best, regardless of the color, texture, or density or our hair. A great haircut will give you more confidence, enhance your best features and elevate your personal style.

When you come to see me, our time together is 100% focused on you and your hair. It’s a time for you to share with me how you see yourself and how you want to be perceived.

From the moment you walk into my space, our conversation and my observations of you and your hair help me get to know you so that I may provide you with a hair style that reflects who you truly are. When crafting your haircut I also take into consideration your lifestyle and how much time you want to spend on your hair every day.

I love giving my clients versatile and easy-to-style haircuts that work with the natural hair texture. If you are looking for an updated hairstyle that better reflects who you are today, I’d be honored to work with you.